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Thank you

Job done quickly and well

Good job and completed on time!


Very nice job, thank you!

good job

Job well done!

Great job!


Exactly the service you want to get when you book a lawn mowing job.


Excellent, thank you


Great job looks really good


Excellent Job!

Looks great; nice, clean work - we appreciate your effort.


looks good thanks

looks good thanks

Excellent work

I highly recommend this contractor. He did an excellent job.

Even did the job early. Awesome job.

Great work!

Thanks so much for the job well done. The yard looks great! Sorry about the loose dog. She's harmless.

Great job, worked hard to trim some tricky areas.

Excellent Job

Great work again - thanks!

He was great and really nice

Great work!

Thanks and I'd certainly use your services again.



looks great, thanks.

looks great, thanks.


Service was great and very prompt! We appreciate it! Looks wonderful!

Good job, but done too soon.

The Job was completed and done well. Though I appreciate the order being completed, it was done about a week earlier than I had scheduled. I had planned it at a time when I knew I would be able to pay on time. When I found it completed early, I was put in a position to unfortunately, delay the payment. I would have appreciated a text or communication to see if it was ok to come early.



Excellent work.

Did a great job. My cat watched over him and approved. ;)



Asked to come early and did!

Asked the day before he came to come early, did a great job on the lawn!


Great service!

Yard looked great!

Great job!

My yard looks great and I couldn't be happier. Nice work!

Good Job

Done a good job

Nice job

Job well done

Very nice!

I know my yard is not the easiest to mow but it looks great now. Good job, thank you!

Fantastic work!

Thank you for taking your time and doing a great job!


great work!

Great work!

Thanks for doing a fantastic job!

great work done

reliable, great work done

Great work!

Great work, timely! Thanks

Thanks for a great job!

great work

Great and quick work

Yard looks great!!

Thank You!! My yard looks great!!

Great job!

Thank you!

Great Work

Really Great Work.

Excellent Work

Jeff was Great!!! Appreciate his hard work and attention to detail.

Great work!

Timely work and very nicely done. Thanks!

Great work, thank you.

Excellent Lawn Service

Excellent work in lawn mowing and edging

Excellent job. I could not ask for more

I just bought the house and during the closing period the seller did not do any lawn maintenance. Coupled with the recent rains the grass grew quite tall. However, the mower still proceeded to murder the grass and left my lawn looking beautiful. Thank you so much.

Good work.

Quality job. Thanks.

Did a good job and takes his business with customer satisfaction!

Very good service and a mud situation was my fault due to leaving sprinklers on too long. Good job and thanks!

Excellent work

My backyard had grown a little out of control, and it was cleaned up perfectly.

Thorough and fast work

Well done thoroughly and trimmed weed that was over grown.

Great job! Courteous!

Great job!

Great work thank you!

Good stuff, prompt mowing.

Great job!

Yard looks great! Thank you

Best mower in the business

Mr. Scattergood always does a wonderful job with the lawn.

Great Work!

Thank you!

well done as was the first time

Very thorough and fast

The best of the best

Wonderful work as always. Thank you!

Great work

Great work and fast response

The job was done quickly and we are satisfied with the results. We would use again

Great work

Great work

Looks great!

Thanks for the great work and for making sure my gate was “latched” when you left!

Thank you

Great work!

Thank you!

The yard looked great. Thanks so much for the incredibly fast work!



Wonderful job-prompt, professional, and no issues.

Great Job!

Great Job!

Yard looked great! Thank you so much



Excellent work. Thanks!

Went above and beyond to do a good job on a yard that has overgrown lawn and weed. Very grateful

Great Job!

Great Job!

Excellent Work

Did an amazing job turning what was an unruly backyard into a fresh, clean cut lawn. Timely acceptance of the job, good work, and I would hire again.

Looks great!




Great work

Thank you!


I was really amazed to see the quality of work. Very thorough and beautiful work. I'll be happy to use the service again.

Great job!

Came on the day requested. Great cut, edge and blew leaves. Great work!

Amazing and very thorough

Went above and beyond to clean up our weedy yard. Amazing work.

Good job.

Good job overall.

Good job overall.

Great work

Came at a great time. Did great work. Very good job.

Good work

Neat and fast work

Jeff is a rockstar!

Jeff was super kind and did the most amazing job on my out of control yard! It was like magic. He showed up, I left for dinner. I came home to a beautiful yard! I will definitely request him in the future!

Great service and even better communication!

Very well done!

You did a great job, thank you!!!

Excellent job


My only problem is that I can't tip what's deserved. Please remove the $15 max tip. It's not fair to the good mowers.

Jeff is the best!!!

Thank you so much!! The yard looks awesome.

Great job

Thank you for heeding my stupid special instructions.

Great job!

Very well done! Thank you!

Good Work

Thank you for the service.


Incredible work!

My yard was looking rough as I have been sick for a long time and unable to mow. They accepted the job and knocked out the work on the same day. My yard looks great and I'm feeling a whole lot better not staring down almost 2ft of grass. Thank you so much!

Amazing work

Contractor really went above and beyond. Great work!

Great work

Great communication. Yard looks very good!