Arliss Drive Lakewood Ohio, Lakewood, OH


Landscaped Full Time for 2 years Now just pick up side jobs during evenings and weekends.

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Great Job!

Great Job!

Great job!

Thanks for cutting the grass so short!!

Did a great job!

good job

good job

well done but a bit early and a bit too short

7:30 am is a bit early to mow. People may still be sleeping and the lawn is still wet from the dew. Lawn mowed shorter than I requested. Otherwise the work was well done.


I'm 8 months pregnant, so it's very difficult to get yard work done. Matt was fantastic and really made my lawn look great. Would continue to use hands down over anyone else! Thank you!!

Lawn looked great!

Good communication, good job!

Done as scheduled with good communication. Thank you!

Contractor did a good job

Good job

Great job

He did a wonderful job and I am VERY happy with his work!

Good job

Easiest way to low the yard

Did a very nice job.

Good work!

Done as scheduled, good communication. Thanks!

trimming lacked, but lawn cut well

Good experience.

Good fast cut, came at the time promised.

Great work

The work was commendable

Another good experience.

Shows up when he says he will. Good fast, no stress service

Thanks! Looks great!!!

Thank you for the professional work, I appreciate it.

Great service!

Truly went above and beyond! Our yard looks amazing! Thanks so much!

Very nice


Great work!

Looks good

Great job!

Great job!

Looks fantastic-thanks so much!!!!!

Matt did a great job

Done early...good job! Thank you!!

Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD67753)

They were very friendly

Matt was amazing and came out quick when we needed him. Hedged the bushes (which were out of control) upon our request. Would definitely hire again.


Good job

Great Work

Consistently available and quick. Does great work for my lawn.

They did a great job!!!!

Great work

Very pleased. Thanks for the work!

Always good work!

Dependable and easy communication. Thank you!