Reaves Road, Cleveland, TX


I have 7+ years in commercial and residential lawn and landscape maintenance and I'm looking to branch out on my own.

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I left my phone number to call if any concerns. Why didnt you call?

Good job

Efficient and professional

My lawn looks great!

Mower leaves uncut blades of grass, high and low spot. Blades are dull.

Great job

Looks great

Yard looks great

Yard looks great!

Good cut and surrounding patio/sidewalk/driveway areas clean.

Good job


Good job, thank you!

Appreciate the good communication and thanks for the great job you have done!

Great work

Good work

great job! Thank you!

Thank you!

Great communication. Had an issue with equipment and let me know he would be back. Came back next day and finished. This yard wasn't easy I know and he did and amazing job.


Fast and professional

Great job


Good job

Thank you

Good job!

Very well done, love it

great work

Good job

Nice job

good communication

Great work, my lawn looks perfect!

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thank you so much!! you did a great job!!!

Thank you!

Great job!

The yard looked wonderful, thank you