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We are a small locally owned business where we take pride in our work and our community and put forth our best effort in everything we do. We are here basically for all the times you can not get to certain projects...we will get ONIT!

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Great job guys

Great contractor

Fast mowing, a little behind schedule but otherwise great.

Good job

did a great job With the lawn would definitely use again.

Poor service

mower did not edge or trim all the yard, just the parts he took pictures of, left cut grass all over the place and didn't mow the areas I requested them to (alley/side yard) which I usually tip extra for if they do....

Bid picked up and mowed in less than a day. Great work.


Thanks for service, but will not use again

Didn't have proper and/or working equipment on first trip to the site. It took forever. Then had to make repeat visit. Then gets upset when I point out what was missed.


Thank you so much!

They tamed the mighty jungle

Our back yard was very over grown and is very large. They managed to get it cut down and manageable for us!

On time, neat, and thorough

Contractor came when expected, did a good job, and cleaned up before leaving. Would use again.

Work completed in a timely manner.


i expected weed eating and edging.

I do know that my yard was terrible and it looks way better than it did. But i also thought this was a professional company. my lawn looks like it was cut by an eager pre-teen looking to make a quick buck. You guys didn't move anything. like the hammock stand, the patio table. you could have weed eated around that. lawn size is only 4900 sq ft. from back yard fence to the street. i stated that it was 15-20000 sq ft just to be safe. yes it was really tall and yes theres a lot of clutter in the back yard but what about the front yard. ugh.


Great Job

Good job on the yard! I will be returning. Thank you.

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Great job!!

Very thorough and our yard looks great again. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the work, let me know if you’ll do it on the routine.

Good job! Will use again.

Excellent work, happy customer, will use for future

Great service

Thank you!

Thank you!