Contractor FAQs

  1. Ok what's the catch? $19 mowing? My son wants $25, how can you mow for $19?

    We use a relatively new technique (word was coined in 2006) called "crowdsourcing".

    Wikipedia describes it as "the act of taking tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing them to a group of people or community, through an "open call" to a large group of people (a crowd) ...". That's exactly what we do. When a order is placed it's automatically sent to the mowers we have that want to mow within that zip code. Whoever is closest and available accepts the order, mows the lawn, submits photographs as proof that the job was done satisfactorily and is then paid immediately over the internet.

    Obviously this is less expensive to operate then the traditional lawn care business who has a local business location, a fleet of trucks and equipment, and operators who answer calls and create daily routes. While the traditional mower working for a business may receive $8 to $10 an hour, our mowers receive nearly 90% of each order, with the remaining 10% going towards credit card processing fees and maintaining the website. This makes LawnMowingOnline very desirable to anyone who wishes to make a living from mowing lawns, and the more mowers we have the more areas we can offer services.

  2. How do I get mowing jobs?

    When we receive a lawn mowing job from a homeowner we send the job via email to all mowers who said they would like to mow within that zip code. The email contains the address, yard size, date to be mowed, the payment, length of grass and any other details provided by customer. If you would like to accept that job click the Accept button within the email.  It will take you to a website to confirm that the job is yours and you will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not want the job just ignore the email.

  3. How do I get paid?

    All payments are sent via so you will need an active account that can accept payments.  Here you will find the requirements for a new PayPal account.

  4. How do I prove the mowing job is done?

    Before mowing take photos of the lawn, then take a few more photos after mowing. You upload the photos to the website and they are sent to the customer for approval. After the customer approves the job, the payment is sent through

  5. Do I have to pay any fees?

    Out of the $19 for basic lawn mowing about $1 goes to credit card processing fees and $1 goes to so the contractor receives $17 out of that $19.