Brookstone Road, College park, GA


Hard worker

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Meticulous work

Looks awesome, thank you!

Thank you!!

Job completed as expected

Contractor followed directions and completed job on time as expected. Thank you. Will use this service again.

First time

This is my first time using the service and she did a great job. I'm not in town to view the work but the pictures do justice of the great job considering my lawn was somewhat high with weeds. I'll definitely continue using the service and hopefully the same contractor!

Thank you!


Very patient and understanding with us thank you so much for your service



Great job!

Yard was overgrown before. Now it looks great!

Thank you

Great job

Wonderful lawn cutting and weeding

I am very very happy with the job on my lawn. They came early, cut my grass the way I like, used the weed wacker to weed the areas most contractors don't get. I love that they even went on the side of my house without me having to ask them. Totally satisfied with the job this company performed. Thanks again Guys.


Very professional

Thank you

Awesome work!

My yard has not been cut since September, but this contractor made it look like a brand new house. Thank you for your hard work!

Very nice!

You did an excellent job!


Another wonderful job! Thank you so much, my yard looks great!

Great work and done promptly

Great work!

Very friendly

Husband / wife operation. Both Care about their customer satisfaction.

Great job

Absolute Integrity & Quality!

Outstanding work, full and complete! 100% true to their repeated 5-STAR Ratings! The DixonEstates

Great job!

They were great! Very hard working and would use again! :)

Good job.

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Unresolved Dispute

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Excellent work!

Mowed and completed job as scheduled and requested. Thanks so much!

Job completed ✅

Did more than I expected for my sad, needy backyard! Looks so much better! Love this service!!

Great job

Weather caused a delay, but they did a wonderful job.

Very happy

Lawn looks great, thanks for the good work!

Great communication

Good Work

Lawn looks good thanks

Great work

Good Job

Thank you!

Good job

Did a good job - thank you!

Work completed as stated in the email.

Thank you for getting it done on the day that you said you were going to do it.

Great job

Great job

Fantastic Job!

I was not fully aware that I had to leave a review before for the contractor is compensated. When I left my initial comment on the day of the service, I thought that was sufficient. I wish this procedure was more user-friendly. My sincere apolology. Great job!

Great work!

Sorry for delay in releasing payment as we just back from a cruise and had no internet. Thank you for the great work.

good job

good communications and great job on lawn

Great, timely cut - will use again!

Thanks for a nice, neat cut

Awesome Customer Service

This team has awesome customer service. There were a few things that I had concerns about and they handled my concerns with such great professionalism.

Great job!

Great communication and came right by when the weather cleared. Nice work and a real value!

Amazing job wish I could use this same contractor for future orders

Love it thanks again

Contractor Released by Customer

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I'm very pleased with the work that was done.

Great job! Thank you!

Great job

Great job

Nice Job

Came this morning, yard looks great.

Amazing Job!

I let my lawn go a bit this month with the wild temperature swings and rain we've been having. Laura's work was absolutely amazing. It was a downright joy to come home from work to a beautifully mowed lawn.

Great work

ThAnks can you leave a card

Very professionally done - thank you all.

The lawn people did a very good job with both cutting the grass as well as cleaning up after themselves.

Good Job

Thank you. Nice work. Only thing is the edging and blowing could be cleaner.

Great job!