Omar ct, Saint Peters , MO


14 years experience in landscape lawn care and property preservation

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The grass was cut to our satisfaction. Thank you for making it out after a heavy rain week.

Good communication about delay due to rain. Good work overall.

Great work!

Very efficient and thorough work.

Yard looks great will hire again

Thank you for dealing with the flood plain my yard has become due this rain we have been getting recently, appreciate the good work.

great job!!!! Thanks

Added tip, so he can come tomorrow and do remaining work.

Did good, i know its too much grass, Please come and finish tomorrow

Great job

Great job. Thank you!

Good job.

Good job. Thanks

Great job. Thanks.


grass is wonderfully even, and weed trimming is complete. great work

No need to return. Great job. Thank you.


Excellent and timely

Great work!

Looks great!

This time, every thing is fine.

Did a good job

Finished work quickly. Cleaned up well!

Rude and argumentative

This contractor submitted the job for payment before complete. Then after returning and finishing the job and disturbing my neighbors' small children who were in bed by 8 pm, accused me of not selecting the proper height and told me he charges his normal customers more than twice the agreed to bid amount.

Great job

Very nice job.

Well Done

Well Done

Great Job!!

Nice job!

Nice job! Thanks for helping corral my dog.


Quick and amazinh job! Looks grat

Looks great!


looks great, thanks!


Good job! Thank you


Super fast. Thanks, guys. A+++

Looks very clean


Excellent job

Great job!

Great job!


Thank you

Did a great job

Fast and clean

Came out early and was quick and efficient. Thanks!

Well done. From the time my job was picked up, it was completed very quickly! Thank you!

Great job

Great job!

Sent pictures of job and it looks great!

Did a great job on my lawn.

great job

great job

Great job!!

Thanks again!

Fast and professional

He did a great job! Very detailed and very fast. I would definitely hire him again!

Awesome work. A+

Thanks guys


Nice work

Great job


Looks ok

Most looks good. Seems to be some big spots that were not mowed. I'm assuming it's because the mower was bigger and I didn't add trimming so these spots were hard to get to with the mower used. But seems it could have been done a little cleaner.

Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD44969)

Contractor Released by Customer

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Great job!

Looks great!

Great work!

Very professional and efficient work!

Completed as requested

Good job overall, Thanks!

Overall, looks good. Job completed on time. My husband had a nit-pick about one of the side yards but I can't even remember what his nit-pick was. :) Added tip because the grass had grown quite a bit since I put the order in.

Great job

Great job

Great job

Good job but

Good job on the cutting but my newly mulched flower beds are now filled with grass trimmings. Not pleased

Great work

Awesome job

Nice !

Plese call me 324-496-5412

Looks great

They did an awesome job.

Great job. Highly recommend these guys!

Unsatifisfied with the work

Contractor was not willing to move trampoline, toys and extension cord to mow, which I had to move for him which took me seconds. Had to call him back when he was loading the mower.


Contractor Released by Customer

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5 stars

great job

awesome communication

Great job

Great Job!

Great Job !!

Good job. Thank u

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Good job

Nice job.

Great job

Nice job

Nice job

Great work, very prompt

Quick reply, got the job done quickly. All around great job

great job

Great work! Definitely would use again!

They did a great job. Zero complaints here!

Mowed as requested

Thanks for the mow!

Grass cutting and edging

Sent before and after photos. Did good job mowing and edging. Would use again.

Great work!

Contractor asked me for clarification on the boundary of my yard because there’s a shared space between two fences. Thank you for making sure!

Contractor threatened me with taking me to court after claiming he trimmed around the pool when he did not, then came the next day and finished the work.



Bad ass job

Bad ass job!!!!

Contractor Released by Customer

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