Hwy C, Hwy C, MO



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Was even nice enough to bring my trash cans in from the curb!

Great job!!

Great job!!

Did great job and got to it fast. Highly recommend.

Did great job and got to it fast. Highly recommend.

Left the section between driveways unmowed

Most of the job looked good however there is a 4' patch of grass that spans between my driveway and my neighbors. My property line includes half of this patch. This was left unmowed. Disappointed with this portion of the job but the rest was good.

Great job!


Yard looks great! The edging is very crisp.

Great work

Good job !

Great job ! And thank you !! I know it's hot but you are appreciated!!!

prompt and professional

Very nice job. Thanks

Great job, thanks!

Thank you for doing a great job!

Great Job


These guys did great work. The yard looks awesome. I will be rehiring this contractor

Great work!

Looks good

Thanks! Hopefully you can mow it again.

perfect , clean, professional

Thank you

Fast and professional

My yard looks great. Thanks

They were the best people whom I meant for doing lawn mowing. They are very good with there work and a awesome team of two Ii would like them to always do my lawn mowing. . Very happy with there work.

Best mow Ive had all season! I thank all 3 of you for your hard work, attention to detail and prompt service! Have a great weekend :-)

Thank you!

Completed the job timely and it looks nice. Thank you!

Our yard looks great! Thank you!


quick work.

i wish the flower bed could've been weed whacked. But everything was done well and quickly. I would hire this contractor again

Thank you!

Great job! On time and yard looks great ! Thanks

Good communication and work.

It rained on my scheduled day, but this contractor didn’t leave me hanging! They let me know I wasn’t forgotten and did a nice job once the weather cleared up.


Great work, thanks.

prompt and professional

My yard looks great. Thanks, Paul

Good quick service

Good quick service

Overall good job

Mow was a bit uneven in some spots, but was good overall.

Great work, great Communication

Contractor did an amazing job.


Great job, yard looks amazing!

Thanks so much! You all do a great job. Make sure the gates are locked though my dogs got out. Thats the first thing our large dog a bloodhound checks after mowers leave lol. No big deal though. They are back home.


Wonderful service!