Holly Hills Ave, St Louis, MO
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Great work, very friendly!

Chris really spent the extra time to make sure my yard wasn’t just mowed, it looks great! Thanks a ton!

Unbelievable the difference!

Chrisso went above and beyond and turned my yard into one of the best on the block hands down!!!

Thank you!

Looks great!

My lawn looks great! Thank you

Looks good thanks

Great job!


The best lawnmower we’ve gotten since joining! Came out after days of rain. He also found his way into the back yard without me having to move my vehicle (big deal, as I work from home and have several calls a day). So fast, yet meticulous with his work! I hope to work with this guy time and time again!

Looks Great!

Thank you so much and I would be happy to use your company again!

Looks Spectacular!!!!

Wow! The last company was supposed to do the edging and didn't, what a difference! Thanks!

Lawn looks great!

Grass was crazy tall before mowing; thanks for cleaning it up so nice!

Yard looks great!

Finally had a sunny day to get the lawn mowed. Awesome job and awesome service.

Clean cut, thanks!

Great job.


Chris does the best job!

Best edging I've seen in a long time!

Outstanding work!


took a few days to complete

Great work

On time. Well done.

Contractor Released by Customer

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Excellent quality!

Great work.

Lesson learned. Don't pretend order service!

I paid the order as to not have any issues. Its not fair and I'm quite unhappy but I've learned a lesson not to pre order service. I clearly ordered this service for the 21st and it was done a week early. I've now paid over $50.00 in two weeks for lawn care. This sucks.


Best one I had using this website.

Above & Beyond

Great job, I can't believe you trimmed the overhanging branches, thank you so much!

Not home at the moment...

But pics look good

Pretty good

Yard looks great but there are a few tire marks from what looks like a zero turn mower in the front yard. Part of that could be due to the wet ground from the week plus of storms though.


Thank you great job I will definitely keep reordering from this contractor!!!!

Great work!

Did a good job.