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Responsible for the cultivation and care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding a business or building. Plants flowers, mows, pulls weeds, repairs structures, and maintains outside of building. •Perform groundskeeping and building maintenance duties. •Mow lawn either by hand or using a riding lawnmower. •Cut lawn using hand, power or riding mower and trim and edge around walks, flower beds, and walls. •Landscape by planting flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes. •Apply pesticide to rid grounds of pests such as mosquitos, wasps, ticks, and others. •Apply fertilizer to ground to enhance growth. •Shovel snow from walkways and sprinkle ice down to keep people from falling. •Perform routine maintenance duties such as applying plaster, fixing fountains, and other duties. •Sweep walkway of debris. •Cut down tree limbs that are posing a danger. •Trim shrubs and pull weeds. •Perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures on equipment utilized in groundskeeping. •Install lawn furniture. •Rake, mulch, and prune the grounds as needed. •Install rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture. •Water plants and grass as needed and apply fertilizer.

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Great work, very pleased

The yard looks great, thanks so much!!!

Great work

Done on time and right.

4.5 stars. I can note stars for some reason.

Thank for coming out and getting this cut.

Good service

Friendly and understanding of the grass being longer than anticipated. I tipped extra because of it. I just bought the house and wasn't sure how long the grass was. The areas that were super long don't look great after he mowed them, but that isn't his fault. There were patches that were 18" tall. All of the other areas look great.


They did a great job. Went above and beyond great. Thanks!

Fantastic job! My yard has never looked better!

Wonderful job! Met above my expectations! Will definitely be a repeating customer.

Fairly good job considering the circumstances

The lawn was a nightmare job and hadnt been cut this year. It looks MUCH better now. Really polite guys too. Would have been a 5 star job if they showed up the day I scheduled and cleaned up weed growth around the trees in back yard.

Amazing Job!! Thank you!!

Just Wow!

This contractor did a fantastic job! We had them come out to service a property that was vacant and for sale, and they made it look amazing. It rained the day they did the work, so the grass clippings stuck to the driveway & front steps. But they came back out once it had dried up and took care of it! This really showed they care. Thank you so much.

Great job! Highly recommend

Yard looks beautiful. Contractor was professional and polite. I'm very satisfied with the work.

Excellent work!

Thank you

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Great job

Great Job!

Second time they've came, a great job both times.


Did a great job!

Awesome work!

Killer work. Look forward to using his services again.


good job

Great job can I use them every two weeks?

I am very pleased with the work.

Great job

Great job

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Great job

Great job

This contextor did a very nice job mowing my lawn.

Great Job

I really do appreciate the effort a contractor took in order to make w the loan perfectly

Excellent in any respect.

Job completed and done well

good job

Thanks for your work, did a great job, adding $10!

Good job!

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Job canceled by admin

Great work

Thanks guys. Looks great!!

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