Guinevere, arlington , TX


Bitb "Best in the Business"

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Great work

Best job I've seen in a while. Thanks!

Great service

They were prompt and did an excellent job.

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Great work!

Would make him our permanent yard guy

very good job. thanks

on time as promised, did great job. will definately order again.

Great job

The work was completed fast and professionally. Contractor kept in contact with me due to an unforeseen delay and made sure I was a top priority with this job. Would hire again.

Excellent work

Will consider hiring as a regular

Great job!

Lawn looks great!

Contractor Released by Customer

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on time, do super job and will definately re-order.

Did a great job.

Great job!


Did a great job!

Good job.

Good job.

My lawn looks great!

Came and did a great job!

Great job!!

I met these guys briefly on my way out, they were trying to blow some of the mess that is leaves all over the walkway and driveway to look a little better, they were going above and beyond what I expected of them. They were friendly and polite and I explained that my kids were going to take care of the leaves but that I appreciated their effort. Great job though!! I recommend and will hire again for sure! Thank you!!!

Very nice work!

Thanks for the excellent job on my yard!

Awesome Contractor

Super fast and had great communication. Thanks so much!

Excellent Contractor

I found the contractor dredre to be really awesome.

Great Work!

Always does a great job!

Great job!!!!

He arrived quickly, like within the hour of order, and did a beautiful job. It was tough because grass was so wet from all the rain, but he worked hard and our yard looks great!! Thank you!!!

Awesome Work.

One of the BEST lawn mower I've seen. Cut both front and backyard, trimmed, and cleaned out perfectly. Definitely would like to continue with his services. Thank you!

Fantastic job - even with wet grass from rain earlier.

Excellent job mowing our lawn! Thank you!


Order was picked up quickly and completed quickly - thanks!!

Lawn looks great!

Did a fine job!

Great job