Chasewood Dr, Missouri City, TX


Missouri City

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Did the job like they said.

Had a pretty long and rough overgrown lawn from our regular mower having vanished, but they came out and took care of it pretty easily.

good job

great job

great job

Good work. Thank you

West Airport Property

Great Job!!!! Thank you!!!

no complain

did the job as per request


Nice job

Looks great

Great work. Would hire again.

Performed work according to instructions. Brought 3 people. Quick completion.

Yard Was Cut and Trimmed okay

However, it appears that leaves, pine needles and other grass were not blown away from driveway and pine needles were left in yard.

Did a great job

You guys did a great job. Thanks

Fantastic Work

I wish I could have had all the leaves blown off my driveway.

trash was left in the ditch after the mowing job was complete.

trash was left in the ditch after the mowing job was complete. Other than that it looks nice.

Decent Job

Decent job. Certain areas seemed to have a couple blades of grass missed here and there. Probably due to uneven ground. Would use again

Did a wonderful job!

Very good. Really appreciate them coming on Xmas eve.

excellent job

excellent job!

Job well done.

Yard looks Great

Contractor arrived on the specified day, mowed and trimmed as expected and cleaned up afterwards. Very professional.

Timely arrival and extra bodies makes quick work

Excellent service overall. Arrived in a timely manner and completed the work quickly. There were several people which made it go quickly. Only 1/2 star off for having to go out and point out an incomplete part of the job. Contractor indicated a communication error and readily completed job according to instructions. That said, they had great attitude and willingness to help throughout.

Blew leaves onto neighbors' lawn.

OK cut but blew leaves onto neighbors' lawn instead of bagging them. Kind of unprofessional. Caused altercation with neighbors.

The contractor done a great job. He is very professional

good job

Well done

Needs to work on communicating with customers once accepting a job if contractor cannot show up on the day the job is posted to be performed. A simple message to the customer would be polite and fair. Other then that, once the job was completed it was adequate.


sent message which I could not understand. When I tried to clarify, they did not respond. Mowed right after severe thunderstorms when yard was very wet.

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Awesome job

Awesome job on my lawn. Thanks again!!!

Nice Job

Would hire again.

overall satisfied

Looks like the contractor is in rush to release the payment within an hour of the job completed, however, overall satisfied with the job done.

Great communication!

This contractor is quick to respond to messages and does a quick and good job at my lawn, Thank you for your hard work.

Done, but not done well.

The front porch & sidewalk weren't blown off. As part of the bid process, we agreed to including bagging some leaves as part of the job. The City of Houston won't pick up the bags of leaves because the bags used aren't the right size & material (recyclable).

Nice job

Very nice job. Thanks

thank you.


All is great! I wish they could have moved the trash can and got the patch of grass under it. But I am pleased with their work.

As expected

No issues. Did the job. Thanks


Just an okay job. Left cut grass all over the patio which I've never had someone do before.


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Excelent Job! Great Communitcation-

happy wife happy life

Thanks for the quick response!

Excellent job

Sorry about that cable. Xfinity assures me they will properly fix it on Monday and won't be in the way next time.

Came out quickly and did a great job.

Very Good

Would like to use this person again next time.

Job was performed well however after the date requested. It was a rainy weekend which makes the delay understandable

Great work!

Lawn looks great. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you

Looking way better!

Thanks so much for making the yard look good again!


The cut was great and loved the trimming. Thank you for a great job.

It was ok

It would be much better if the contractors use a lawn mower with a bag so that piles of cut grass is not left all over the yard

Gets the job done

Would hire this contractor anytime... Thanks for your services.

Great job

Good job

Great Job guys!!!

Good cut

He cut the front and backyard. No trimmings left behind. Only thing I'd change is that the backyard gate was left wide open.

Edging on front yard was terrible....Back yard was not weedeated... Contractor broke board on fence and did not fix he just laid broke piece back up against fence...Had to ask to cut backyard shorter and it was still tall ....Contactor was very nice but I would not call them back

Good job

Great Job.

Lawn looks great.

Pretty good

I did specifically ask the contractor beforehand if they can blow away the grass, and they didn't. There's just piles of grass all over my lawn. Otherwise, good job.

nice job fellas

Quick & clean job

Great job!

Great job. Came right on schedule

good job, thank you very much!

Mowing, weed removal and blowing leaves. Good work

Fast and great

Not satisfied with yardwork

Contractor left leaves, newspapers, weeds and other lawn debris around trees, and in flowerbeds. Will not use again.. No response from contractor after notification.

Good job

overall satisfied

did a good job

Went the extra mile

Went the extra mile, thanks.

Would not recommend!

Despite the 4-5 people that came to my yard, they did a TERRIBLE job. In fact, couldn't believe how bad. Did not get rid of leaves, left backyard porch messy and undone. Would never use again or recommend to anyone. STAY AWAY!

Great job!

Looks great and thank you!

My mother is elderly and can no longer keep her yard looking the way she likes. This looks great and I know she will love it!

Great work!

Great work, much better cut than before. Impressed. A+++

Great job!

Lawn looks nice and neat, and everything was cleaned up. Thanks!

I have released the payment but I was not very happy with this company's work. First of all they were two days late without even contacting me, and second, there are two small patches in my front yard that were skipped and not mowed.

Great Job!

Nice cut and trim

Excellent work. Professional and clean!

Good job!

No issues.

Good work!!

Good Service

Although the service today was good my recommendation is to rake and bag debris as a normal business function. Small bags are a cost effective way to provide excellent service. Thank you.

Good job


Everything went perfect! Looks 10x better

Good job.

He kept me updated when he was heading over, when he arrived, and when he finished. I appreciated that.

The contractor did a nice job on my lawn. Even when there was a misunderstanding about my property he came back and finished the job to my satisfaction. Nicely done.

Great Job!

Lawn looks beautiful, thank you!

They did a great job. I would hire them again.

They did a great job. I would hire them again.

The service was very mediocre

The landscaping job Itself was very professionally done. What was disappointing was the fact that the trash was chopped up into small pieces instead of picked up. Additionally, the back patio has grass growing through the cracks there was not cut.


Was late for original appointment. Then failed to mow entire area as instructed. Agreed to come back later to do it, but was slightly rude about it. Took days to finally come back and finish. Actual mowing was done fine though.


Very happy with work!


Great Work

Does a great job and communicates well with you about your needs and expectations.

Great job

finished the job as expected

The contractor did the a job ahead of time and missed a little spot, however, after notification, promptly responded and completed the mow, did a good job. Overall very satisfied.


Decent job (not the best but not bad)

Good job edging and using trimmer but grass was cut a bit uneven in some areas.

Yard looks nice

Thank you

Good job!

Good job!

Great job

Great job

Looks great, could not see pictures of driveway.

don't know if all leaves were picked up from driveway, did not see in pictures. Hope so, thanks.

Good job.

Good job. Thanks.


Excellent work!

Very nice job of cutting and freshening up the yard - at such an affordable price - so glad I did't have to do it myself.

I sent a message AFTER I had already messaged and "spoke" with the contractor asking him not to cut my grass too low or scalp it - I guess I sent the request too late after he had already read the previous note. I like to keep a "top" on my grass because the yard is uneven and if you cut it too low, you end up with brown spots and scalped grass on the high parts - but I am sure he did not receive the second message. Other than that - everything looked great - nice & neat and well trimmed. Will definitely hire him again and just make sure I put the request to leave a top on the grass in the original work order request. Thanks Much

Nice job

Looks good. Prompt service


Great job, my yard looks awesome . They followed each of my request

Great Job!

Great Job!

Great Job!

Great Job!

Excellent work. Thank you. I appreciate your service. God bless.

Came the next day but work was ok

Contractor did not contact me about not coming on the assigned date until I contacted them the next morning. The work was good for the most part but had to have an alternate plan for my dogs while I was at work since he came on a different day.

Nice Job!

They did a nice lawn mowing job and appreciate their work! They showed up on time and completed in 30 mins.



Timely and efficient.

Great job

They did a great job on my yard.

Great job

Looks great, I'm only deducting a star because it was a little late, but not bad

Looks like I killed some of the grass with the weed killer, hope it grows back...

Prompt and accurate

He cut the weeds and grass along the driveway as I specified. Thanks

good job

Done on time and looked good

Done on time and looked good

well done

Cut on time and looks good.


Great cut

Great clean cut

Great work guys! Highly recommend!

Speedy service!

Great job!

Great job.

2 days late, messaged @ 2AM to release payment

Submitted job on Friday, due on Wednesday, with note saying "Feel free to mow on or before Wednesday." No show on Wednesday. "I will be out in the morning to cut your lawn." No show on Thursday. Job finally completed @ 1:30pm on Friday, 2 days late. Received msg @ 2am to release payment! 2 AM! Woke me up!

Great communication


Very good. Very timely.

job completed.

great job,, thank you

Okay job.

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good j b

good job

Not a perfect job!The was no wow factor which I thought I could get now that someone cut my lawn.The cut grass was not blown away.....grass on the edges of the road and on the edges of the drive way,front door and back poach.The edges were not cut straight....its like the blade was slanted and not straight down.not near perfect as I had thought.




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overall good but should have been better, missed trimming some areas particularly around the tree in backyard

Great job

Great job

Great job!

Prompt and great work! Thank you!

Really high grass and weeds taken care of as agreed

They got to the job a few days late due to the heavy rains, but communication as to the delay and completion. Very happy.

Good work

Good Job

Fine job

There were some weeds along the fence that weren't fully trimmed but overall, good job

Rushed with missed spots

Need to slow down. Mower needs clipping bag collector

Overall did a good job, just left a small part that needed to be trimmed on the front yard.

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Lawn looks great!!

Great job! Thank you!

Great job for the price. Would use again.

I appreciate you coming out but I hope in the future you will communicate better and arrive at the requested time.

The yard looks great. It's the look I was going for. Thank You !

My yard wasn't mowed on the day it was set to be done due to rain, but it was mowed a few days later and he did a great job.

by far the best yet!

this team appeared to be a family. They were fast and did a really great job! they even blew my back porch clean after the recent storm and my dog had made a mess on it. Would happily have them back again!

good job, but some grass missed being cut

just a few spots where grass missed, but overall a good job

Thank you!

Great job!

Great communication, quality work.

Highly recommend them! Thank you and will order again!

Not timely

Quality of the work was ok, but work was not completed on the day requested.


thank you

Great job!

Great job! Quick turnaround and great work. Thank you!

4 days late, bad quality

Contractor took 4 days past due date to do job. Their mower was broke and needed a part but I had to contact them to find out after they didn't show after they accepted the job. This screws me because they accepted the job knowing they couldn't do it then but I couldn't retract the job and get someone else to do it. Also didn't blow the patio or driveway, didn't weedeat patio, moved furniture and didn't put anything back, knocked over table and didn't fix it.

Could be better but overall good

Good work. A few areas not hit with the weedeater and grass not bagged or blown. My grass was pretty long and unkempt in the back and they took care of it.

Good job

I like the service. It was done one day late but in the end it was worth it. Thank you.

Looks like you were in a hurry.

First time i haven't been pleased

completed well and before the due date

only thing I would suggest would have been trying to spread the cut grass more so it wouldn't look so clumped, but thanks for cutting it short and before the due date

Kirkholm Dr

Lawn looks great. Thanks.

Not happy with service

Did not mow back and forth to create lines as requested within initial job request. Instead mowed in circles and varying zigzags on a ride-on missing several areas of the yard. Mowed onto neighbor's yard unevenly and mowed over one of his in-ground pest control spikes. He was very unhappy. Used weedeater to cut portion of the grass way too low and in some areas of the yard to the soil. Did not blow backyard patio well as requested within initial job request. Did not mow on day requested and accepted. Did not send a message indicating reason for delay. Had to send message to the contractor the following day to inquire. Unhappy with service provided.

Never done on due by date

I would've given 5 stars but each time I have ordered lawn service, it is never done until a few days after the "due by" date. My lawn was supposed to be mowed on Saturday but it wasn't cut until Tuesday. The same thing happened the last time also and it was mowed 5 days late.. the rain was to blame for only 1 of those days.

Great work

Did the job requested within 1 day. Great work.

Great job!

Services not performed as proposed

Services performed, but flower beds were not weeded, they were cut, and grass in the back was unevenly mowed and clippings were left in the back. Left without discussing completed work or changing work scope.

Good job

You guys disconnected my A/C by cutting its wires. I was out of A/C all day after you left.

Very fast and got the job done. I can walk outside again with pride. GREAT JOB!!!

Very pleased with job. This husband and wife team knocked it out of the park. My regular lawn service just disappeared on me and the yard had not been cut for almost 5 weeks. It looked disastrous! They got it back in shape so I could show my head outside again. :) Weed eating needs improvement as there were areas they just hit and missed. Air blew debris so it looked good. Did leave some cut grass debris in East side neighbor's yard though. (Should have blew that away as well). Overall I am very pleased with this team and would use them again in future. Thanks.

Looks good!

excellent work, highly recommended!!

excellent work, highly recommended!!

Not satisfied this time

This is the first time that they didn't do a good job and I even gave them a tip I believe they should have not blew the the grass clippings in my garage and they left patches of it in the yard didn't do a good job this time maybe because I ordered the service for Saturday and it rain Saturday and got behind Sunday so they came out Monday and did a rush job to catch up on the other clients I am not satisfied this time

Not that great

Left a lot of dirt on and around my driveway. Grass was cut unevenly with patches higher than others.

thank you

Very good job

contractor did a very good job


Great job!

Great job, as always. Will use again.


These guys are awesome

In the end did the job, however left grass too long. More important delayed 4 days. Every day an excuse, most days simply did not show and had too ask. Claiming rain when there was no rain in my area, etc. will not use again this subcontractor. Website service is good.

Great job




Grass was definitely cut but...

Only picked up half of the cut grass and left the grass in several locations thick and some into the neighbors lawn.

Not good.

Yard cut unevenly, spots completely missed. Multiple spots were scalped badly. Blowing poorly done.


Thank you

Please mow all the way to lawn edge on both sides if possible. Other than that, great job!

Grass cut two days late

Grass was cut two days after the scheduled date. Did not receive communication from contractor after first day missed and when I messaged they said they would come the next day. The next day they did not come or communicate. They finally came the day after that. Interestingly, although they did not reach out to me at any point before the job was completed they managed to send 5 different messages afterwards within two days letting me know they were waiting on me to approve payment.

Not to good

I wish they would have bagged grass in back yard. Grass is everywhere all over the yard and in all the flower beds. They also hit the paving stones around trees and did not put them back. I will have to move stones back in places, rack up grass clippings, and clean up flower beds. Cutting infront yard is uneven. Really short in some areas and not in others and the front porch was not blown off. Grass clippings all over the porch and door. They did blow off back porch. They did not save me work they made clean up work. I would add photos but don't see that option.

Yard looks great!

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Great job

Job was finished early

Good job was able to complete the order before the scheduled date.

Good job, but did not bag grass. Left it in the gardens and strewn about the lawn

happy with job

They were a day late. Grass was cut nicely.

Thanks! Please keep in mind that it's illegal in our city to mow before 7 am...

Excellent job

Excellent job

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Thanks so much for taking care of this!

Thank you the yard looks great

Satisfied with work!

Satisfied with work.

Well Done

Did a nice mowing and trimming, no complain.

Yard looks good

Good job.Completed early to my satisfaction

They did a really good job of completing the request in a timely fashion.

Looks good


Great work

Great work. Best job I've recieved so far

Quality work

Very High Quality Work

Good work

Good work

Great cut


Always a very good job!!!

Looks good


Great work, thanks

Good job overall, thanks!


After the job done, I am happy

After the job done, I am happy

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great job as always

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Great Work!

Thanks for the clean work!


Great service!

This was a difficult job. I was surprised they were even able to get it done.

Great job, lawn and edging look great

no complaints, took care of grass on driveway also

Good job

Good follow up from the storm.

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It was nice to come home to a cut lawn. There were a few missed patches and grass on the front porch. The process is relatively simple and I will be using the site in the future.

Very pleased. Would rehire again.

Does very quickly. I have used before.

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Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD31210)

Mixed Bag Results

The contractor did a great job with my front yard, weeds in the flower bed were trimmed to clean it up which he did not have to do. The edging of the flower beds and along the sidewalks/driveway was very clean. The back yard however was not mulched or bagged, so I because the grass was a little taller in the back, i have a layer of dead grass on my yard and bunched up along the fences. The trimming along the fences was also not clean at all. Not sure if the contractor was in a rush but the quality of the back yard was not matching up with the front yard.

good job

good job

Good job!

Good job! Thanks

great job on the yard

Great job - my apologies for the unintended delay on releasing the payment!

Good overall.

Some leaves were blown onto porch so I had to manually remove them. Other than that, good job overall.

good work

good job, thanks

Good work

good job on the cut, not so much on the cleanup

the crew did a fine job cutting and not getting much into the pool. however, they did a pretty horrible job of blowing away all the clippings. it's still all over my driveway and in my street. In addition, when they trimmed the weed in my flower beds, i found a bunch of mulch all over my lawn.


The contractor left a bag of grass on the front lawn. Will they return and remove this. To heavy for me to pick up.

Good job

Sorry for the late response on payment. Job was done well.


Decent work but expensive for the small size of the yard.

Thanks great job for $$

Good job

Lawn mowed as requested.

Excellent service

Contractor has John Deere riding lawn mower and equipment. Did an excellent and thorough job. Is very prompt in responding to comments.

Good work

Good work but expensive

Good job


Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD42927)

Great, thorough job.

Contractor came a day late due to rain. Made sure to communicate with me so we weren't expecting all day. Job was done quick and very thorough. Edging and weeding was great. Even got the weeds in between the cracks in the drive way. Thanks!

Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD43068)

Thank You!

Great job

Great job

Contractor Released by Customer

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