Dallas tx, dallas, TX


I am very proud of my work.i hope you ENJOY!!

Hire this contractor


Great job---thanks

Great work

He was very polite loved his work I would hire again

Great work

Nice trimming

Great job!

Excellent cut.

Thank you!!

Job well done!! Looks great!!! It wouldn't let me do 5 stars!!!


Good job!


Took his time and did a great job!


Excellent work

Great Job!

Excellent Job

Excellent Job Thank you

nice job

please let contractor know that I appreciated the nice job he did.

Perfect Job

He did a great job on the yard.

Great good he did

Great job he did

They did a good job! Unfortunately this is the second time I tried to approve payment and I keep getting messages that say the contractor left a message for me but each time I logged in it showed no messages. I don't want them to think I was trying to not pay them.

Wonderful job

Followed instructions exactly as written, yard looks great.


Thanks, looks good.

Ok job

The job was ok not good but good enough. I just needed the lawn mowed and weed eater. The weed eat job could have been much better.

extremely happy with work. he took his time and did a great job.

will hire again

Good work, timely completion

We would use this service again

Excellent work. Thank you so much!

great job

thank you for mowing my lawn

Thank You

Thanks for the work

Great job

Very professional

Clean and neat. Didn't leave clumps of grass unmulched.

good job

great job




Looks great! Thank you.


Great quality work and happy to recommend

Contractor did a great job loves the edging work would love to use them again

Loved the work and care taken on the job.

very pleased

they did a good job

good job









Very good job. Would like them back again. Would have left a tip but I dont see the box for it.

Looks good.

Looks good.

Pics seems good will drive property on monday

Thanks for your work!

Thanks so much

Thanks so much for coming by to do the lawn and waiting for my response.

Cut the grass

fantastic job couldn't have asked for anything better

Did a great job

Fast service. Thorough job. Neat work.

Good job. Thank you!

Work was okay. Lawn was mowed late.

I requested my lawn be mowed on Saturday. I received a message at nearly 4pm on Saturday stating that they would come Sunday instead. While the backyard was trimmed very well, including great detail being paid to the area around my walkway which is a huge pain, the front yard trimming left a bit to be desired. Random weeds were not trimmed or cut, but then they did a great job around the edges of my driveway where the grass was creeping. Very mixed feelings on the job. I would want to give Kes a second shot though.

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Nice to be able a order quality lawn service online


Did a great job

Good communication, quick work

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Did great

Did fine job.

Looks good

Looks great

Kes did an awesome job!!!

Did a great job

Good job

Did a great job with what was requested.

Get someone else

Looks like nothing was done. Weeds still in lawn. If they would of went over with mower it shouldn't be there

Thank You for a 5 star job and 5 star response.

contractor did an amazing job the lawn has not looked this good in maybe two years. If I have it done again I would want the same crew to do the exact same job. In the back yard bamboo has taken over somehow. This is a rental property that my daughter occupies. I know it would be at a cost, and i dont even know if she is responsible for it but I would like an estimate. just an estimate. Since the front lawn did not hurt so bad I was wanting to know how much it would cost to clear the bamboo and mow it and all.just an estimate work. if i have to pay for contractors time to give me an estimate i will.thanks for the supurb work... todd

Great job


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Great job

Awesome Yard Work!

Great job- I really appreciate your work & I am sure my neighbors appreciate your work also- will definitely use again- Thank you


Great job. Very nice young man.

Great job! Thanks so much for going the extra mile and cutting down the weeds inside the flower bed.



Did a fine job! I've struggled finding dependable lawn service....this company has changed that. Thank you

Great job

Looks great! Thanks!


Good job and easy to work with


Job done


Good work. A few spots missed on edging.

Great Job

Great job! Even moved around furniture to mow under it.

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Excellent Work!

Excellent service!

Looks pretty nice. Thanks

I was notified there would be a delay due to weather, and what day they planned to do the job. I appreciated that very much.

Excellent work.


Great job, just missed one spot on weedeating. But our backyard was a mess and he did a great job on it.

Great work!

Great job

Did a great job, totally satisfied


I appreciate the hard work I know it took since I hadn't been able to afford to get anyone out to do my lawn in awhile. Thanks so much!

Absolutely phenomenal work. Attention to detail and very diligent

The yard looks great again! I feel so bad you had to come back and and at the hottest part of the day. We're am looking forward to a nice enjoyable weekend in my yard! Thank you again! Top Notch!

Great job

Thanks for coming out on a Sunday

good job

Beautiful work!

I love this site and the work when I got home was absolutely wonderful!

Great job!

Great work on my lawn! Diligent with the edging and really well done overall.

A++ service!


Good job

Excellent job

Great job, would hire again

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Great Work

Everything looks better than I was hoping. Thanks for working with me on everything.

Very good work

Above and beyond

Prompt service and even trimmed a hedge that had started to get a bit bushy. Great job.


Great work, good communication

Second time using, great work, good communication (when my gate was locked and I didn't realize).

Great work as always

3rd time using, always great work

Great job

Great work. Great communication

Great Job Done

Grass was a little long due to all the rain, Did a great job on getting it back under control.

Pleased he showed up on scheduled date. Yard cut and edged. I will use this service again


If you have pictures off flower bed please load them. Thanks

Great job

Great job.

Great Job!

I am so happy that I got this contractor. This is the best anyone has ever done. Thank you.



Thanks, James!

Work was completed extremely fast and it looks great. Thanks, James!


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Below average.

Just mowed lawn has longer grass than neighbors. There are various spots of long grass.


Did a good job on the work he completed, but skipped the back yard claiming it did not need to be cut. After much back and forth, in the end he refused to return. He bagged the grass from his mower and blew leaves, and in his opinion, that was enough.

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