Rodeo Dr, Anna, TX


Servicing north Texas with lawn maintenance needs! Handyman with carpentry skills, electrical skills and brick/mortar skills. Tips are greatly appreciated: Venmo: @Micah-Effinger

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good job

Good job.

Great job. Will user your services again. Thx!

Excellent work.

Did a good job

Great job

Great job!

Solid work. Would use "this contractor" again.

GREAT and QUICK service!!

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!

Excellent Job.

These guys are great and on their game.


good job

Good job

Amazing job! Yard looks fantastic

Nice Job


great work ethics

Micah went ahead an mowed my lawn even though it grew higher than originally anticipated. I tipped him accordingly. So please remember to tip your contactor if grass grew higher than original order date. Thanks

Great Work

Thank you for the great work!

Thank you so much

The Tenant is so irresponsible on this that the grass field never been maintained for over 2 months. I appreciated your hard work on this. Thank you so much. Can we schedule the maintenance every 15 days?

Timely and quick! Thanks!

Thanks so much

Great yard work - Poor Judgement

As usual, the yard work was done well and looked great - however, was very disappointed with the poor judgement of the crew this time around and I'm not sure if I will use them again. While I completely understand per the guidelines of the site that it is the responsibility of the resident to inform the contractors when submitting the request if you wish them to knock prior to beginning, our dog was in the backyard when the contractors arrived. They opened the gate to access the backyard and begin mowing, letting our dog out in the process. My point of contention, is not that our dog was let out mistakenly, but that they didn't bother to inform either me or my wife that our dog was let off and subsequently took off down the road. Once my wife and I heard the mowing begin since we didn't know they had arrived and were starting, we went to bring the dog in - noticed he was gone and began looking for him. Even at this point, with my wife clearly seen by the contractors looking for our dog, they did not inform her that he had gotten out and run off. Not until my wife frantically asked them if they had seen what happened to our dog did one of them inform her that he took off down the road in a particular direction. Again - the yard work was great as usual, but ultimately have little to no confidence in the contractors judgement in situations (such as this one) where something might happen.

great job

Will order again


Quick Service

Quick service!!!

Fast Service

Quick service and good communication.