west county, manchester, MO


I cut grass and can do property management.

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Good Job

Very pleased!

I wasn't sure if they'd get it done with the rain, but pleased that they did. Yard wasn't cleaned up very well and they did a great job working around the mess. Thanks for another great job!!

Thank you

Great work... Would love to have him next time..

He did a great job..Cleaned and well cut grass evenly..Very pleased !!

great job. thanks!

Thank you!

Look Good and thanks!

Look Good and thanks!

Great Job

Great work, got it mowed just before the rain came when we really needed it


Request was delayed by weather. Thanks to the contractor for being responsive and getting the project complete in a timely manner.

Service was quick, and job well done

Job well done

Thank you

Thanks for the help

Must admit it works! I recommend using when you need to.

Great job! Thanks for the good work.

Best mower

Best mower we had this year. Clean and attentive to detail.

Nice work !!

Thanks for the work and performed very well. Did not expect so early to come to perform work than stated date, other than that he is awesome guy .....i will use his service again and again....Thanks !!

Good job on lawn

Would have given 5 stars but the job was completed after the scheduled date. Thanks for getting it done, with all the rain lately, I'm sure there was a backlog of yards to mow. Only feedback is to send a message if you won't make it on the original date scheduled. Thanks again!

Thank you! It looks great!

Fixed Other Mower's Job

Contractor completed work that was not completed by previous contractor, and did a great job.

Late and rude

He didn't show up on the scheduled date and was rude in his comments after I opened up a dispute.

Looks wonderful and would like to have same crew on the next cut as well as our other properties. Thank you guys so much!

Great Job!

Done well!

Good Job

Thanks as usual

Good job

I am pleased with lawn service, professional, good cut, this service is great!

Great work overall. Would have given full five stars, but a patch of grass in the backyard wasn't mowed or trimmed.

Good work!

Looks nice and even and clean, thanks!

Thank you

Looks good.


Another good job

Yard looks great thanks again!

Fast and reliable

Great work

Great job



Thank you

A Good Job was DONE on TIME by an Honest Contractor

Did a GOOD JOB and delivered just as requested and required. Very Happy Customer!

great work

great work, very neat.

Great ! Thank you

Very pleased. Thank you!

Great job, but wrong date

The lawn looks fantastic, but the job was scheduled for Thursday and did not get done until Friday morning.

Thank you!


Tim is funny, personable, and does great work.

Good Job done!

Nicely Done!

Job well done

Job well done

Thank you!

Very nice work done

Very nice work done

nice and quick

5 Stars

Great work. Very timely.

Good work!

Thank you so much! Highly recommend!

Excellent service !!

Excellent review !!

Great job!

Good Job

Good Job Tim!

Wow! Fast!

Ordered around 7am and had the grass mowed by 9am the same day! I'm a long time user of the service and this was the fastest I've ever seen a lawn mowed from order to completion! Excellent communication as well.

It looks great! Thanks.

Good job

Wow came to mow on Memorial Day!

A crew came to mow my lawn on Memorial Day! I would have never expected anyone to do that on a national holiday. Thanks!!

Great job

Showed up a day earlier. Thanks!

Great job!

Thank you!

Very nice work!

Awesome Job!!!



I have more work to have done and this was a great first impression of the work.

Thank you for a great job! I am confident now with this service and have a lot more work to have done.

Great Job! Thank you!




Good Service

Well done job. Trustworthy and reliable service! I would recommend this contractor.

Great Job

Thanks so much! Looks great

Great job!

Great Job again!

Very pleased with the job quality!


Did okay

Next make sure you get all grass by mailbox



Nice work


Thanks. Well done as usual

Great job!!!

Super happy with the work performed by this contractor.

Nice job

Quality work and professionalism.

Great as always!

Another great job!

Great work




Great job!

Quick and thorough

Thank you for being so timely

Fast and neat

They did a quick delicious job!

Well done. thanks

Job completed well done.

Nice work

Nice work. On time

Thank you! Looks good.

Looks good. Thank you for cutting it short.

Great job!

Great Job

Thanks for a great job!

Very good

Very good

Looks good.

Thank you!

Quick and professional work. Great job!

timely service as requested

The yard looks amazing!

The grass is extra short and is trimmed perfectly. Thank you!

Grass looked great! Very nice trimming.

Looks good

Good work.

Nice job and thank you for coming a day early.

almost 5 but...

Service was great but the contractor tried to get me to order directly from him for the next time. I use lawnmowing.com bc of the benefits of contractor selection, price, privacy, and satisfaction garantee. I hope this contractor stops offering his direct services and uses the website like it's designed to be used. I use Amazon and eBay I don't contact sellers outside of those sites why would I here either.



Sorry I was out of town came back today

You did awesome

Done a day early, quick and efficient.

Thank you! The yard looks great!

Great job

Very nice hardworking people

They were very hard working and honest. Cut the grass , then weeds and cleaned after that.

Take care of weeds but good

Please weedeat flower bed next time, as requested. Overgrown weeds are now left. Good otherwise.

Great job. Thank you!!!

Great job!!! Thank you!

Yard looks great! Thank you

Thank you for the quick response!

Thank you for the quick response - it is greatly appreciated !

Thank you for your timely service.

Wonderful job on my tall tall lawn!!

Great job !! Clean and efficient!


nice work

prompt and work is done perfectly

Outstanding Job!

These guys did a great job on the yard. They did it when they said they would and it looks great.

Looks great!

Nice job of mowing and trimming.

Great job, arrived timely and left lawn clean!

Thumbs up!

Great job!

Yard looks really great!Thank You!

Very nice work

Good Work

Overall a good job in a difficult area. I would be happy to have him come again.

Thank you for your promptness and quality of work!


Thank you for expediting our job. GREAT WORK!!!


Thanks for doing such a good job on my lawn.

Good job guys. Clean yard and look very nice. Thank you

Very happy with the work.

Very good job done Thanks

Good job

Fast job. Good work

Good, but could be cleaner

Did a good job, but could have cleaned up my walkway. There were clippings all over the walkway to my door

Lawn Mow and Trim

Second time using these guys and they do GREAT work!!! Highly recommended!!!

First time using this company and I was very pleased.

Although this was my first time using this company, my brother did before me and recommended them. No complaints and had a great first experience. Will definitely use again.

Great job! Helped me out so much!

Thank you and the yard looks great!

Very nice job

Very good job

Happy with the work done by this contractor who cut my lawn for first time.

Nicely done

Nicely done

Excellent Service again!

Thank you for great job done !!

Looks great

You did a great job! Look to have you back next week.

Contractor Released by Customer

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looks good

Contractor did a great job. Very pleased and would definitely use them again


Looks good. Prompt acceptance of order and cutting of my lawn. Thanks.

The lawn looks great!! Very prompt and quick! Thank you

Nice Job !

Mowing was perfect.

nice work


Awesome Work!

Couldn’t ask for better service. VERY NICE JOB!

Great work!!!

Tim has done wonderful job, I'm adding extra 6 dollar tip for him. I wish him to get back for next cut.

"ran out of daylight" to do job on requested date but all's good, no worries. Good communication.

Good job

Great Service

Thanks for taking care of my lawn

Beautiful job and great price.

Thank you ---- beautiful job and great price!

Great job!! Fast and easy!!

Great job! Highly recommend!

Contractor Released by Customer

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Very happy with the service

Contractor Released by Customer

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good work

Yard looked great

The contractor did a great job. I had heard that the service can be hit or miss, but I was very pleased with the service provided. I would hire them again!

Professional Job

Yard looks great!!

Job well done

prompt and professional

My yard looks great! Thank you

Nice work!

Day ahead of schedule. Lawn looks great. Nice work...Thanks!

Looks great!

Contractor Released by Customer

System generated review due to customer releasing of contractor from Job (ORD49347)

Lawn looks great!

great job, thanks

great job, thanks


This was one of the best cuts we have received from this web site.

Good job

another great job!

Very pleased with the work


great, see you next time

good job

does a good job

Great job!!

Thanks for a great job!!

Great job! Thanks!

Thank you

Thank you!! Looks great!


Another perfect job!!!

Awesome work!

Thank you for the awesome work!

Great as always

My yard looks great! Thanks

Job done well

The yard looks great!

prompt and professional

Thanks, My yard looks great!

Wonderful. Thank you!

Very Pleased

This contractor has great equipment and does a very good job!

Looks good

Good jOb


Looks great

Thank you. The yard looks nice.

Happy customer

My yard looks great. Thanks

Neatly performed

Work well done! Great job!

Awesome Job!

Fantastic work. Really thorough and impressed.

Great job

Great job

Looks nice, no clippings everywhere too.

Thank You, Great Job

Solid work done fast

Professional and quick


Looks good from the pictures so far! Hopefully looks just as good in person! Thank you!

Great job

Thank you

Good job !

Clean and effeciant !

Great job

Thank you !!

Beautiful job --- Thank you!

Good job

Great job

Looks great

Can't thank you enough

Thank you so much my neighbor texted me while you were at my house and I have given them your information, what a great service this is when something major happens in your life and you just can't get to the outside to mow.

Good job:

Great job!

Great as always



Yet another great job!!

Thanks for the nice work!

On time as promised.

Good job

Thank you very much !!

Nice work

Nice work

Looks great!


thank you

Job well done!

Timely and did a nice job

prompt and professional

My yard looks great. Thanks, Paul


Was quick and did a good job.

Great job. Thank you

Nice job!

Great work, thank you!